Washing Your Beard

Always use a dedicated beard wash on your facial hair. Shampoos designed for head hair are too harsh. They will strip a beard and moustache of its natural oils, leaving it very dry and unmanageable. 

If you find that even when using a dedicated beard wash/shampoo, your beard is dry and unruly. Then try washing your beard less often. Over washing will strip the hair of its natural oils. Try shampooing the beard just once or twice a week. Should you need to clean the beard between shampoos, just rinse with fresh water and apply beard oil after towel drying the beard. Note: if you are in a dusty/dirty enviroment then you will need to shampoo the beard more frequently.

How to use a beard wash: 

First brush the beard and moustache to remove any dead dry skin. Then rinse the hairs with clear water and then work beard-wash into all the facial hairs. Use the fingertips to firmly massage the skin underneath. This will clean the skin and promote healthy circulation. Then rinse through again with fresh water. Pat the beard and moustache dry with a soft towel. This is the most beneficial time to apply a little beard oil (when the hair is slightly damp). If you intend to dry the beard with a hair-dryer, the oil will protect the hairs during this process.