Choosing a Beard Brush

There is a vast range of beard brushes on the market, all different materials and different shapes. Some are cheap, some expensive. You will need to consider if your beard is short, long, soft or coarse before choosing a brush. However, on saying that, I personally think that the majority of beard brushes on the market today are too soft, even for the shortest of beards.

When choosing a brush I would recommend one with a wooden handle and natural bristles. A wooden handle gets better with age as some of your skin’s own oils penetrate the wood and give it a nice patina. Natural bristles help distribute the skin’s own oils through the hairs.

Buying a quality beard brush can be expensive and if you find when you use it for the first time that it’s too soft and not making much of an impression on your beard, then that’s a costly mistake. Therefore, we recommend the Kent Pure Flow Bristle Nylon Mix Military Style Brush’. After much research, trial and error, this is the only beard brush we recommend. It has an ergonomic real-wood handle. It has the combination of natural and round tipped nylon bristles designed to stimulate the blood flow, remove any dead skin cells, and leave the beard shiny, soft and styled.

We think you'll agree - this is a great beard brush!