Beard Oil and Balm


Let us start with a misconception — beard oil is not just for your beard! 

Contrary to the name, beard oil is designed to be applied primarily to the skin under your growth. As your facial hair grows, the sebaceous glands in your skin (that produce natural moisturising sebum oil) can no longer provide enough moisture for your skin and ever-growing beard. This is where good-quality beard oil plays its part. It will supplement your body’s own sebum oil, while conditioning your beard and making it soft and manageable. It can promote healthy growth and provide antiseptic properties. STUARTS beard oils are rich in vitamins, contain antioxidants, they reduce skin inflammation, and will form a barrier against toxins. 

How to use beard oils:
Put up to 5 drops of oil in the palms of your hands and massage into your beard and the skin underneath. Make sure you cover the whole beard, and then work the oil all the way into the ends using a quality brush or comb. 



Balm provides your beard with all the beneficial nutrients required, along with the control of a styling product. Beard balms are natural butters blended with oils. The formula is designed to easily soften between your fingers before applying it to your beard. 

How to use beard balm: Simply scrape a small amount of balm out of the tin using the back of your thumb nail. Soften between your fingertips and then apply to the beard. Use a quality comb to style and shape the beard (if you use a brush, you'll find that balms will quickly clog the bristles, resulting in more frequent washing of your brush). 

STUARTS beard balms contain only pure organic, Fairtrade mango and shea butters, blended together with a little cold-pressed, fractionated coconut oil and pure white beeswax. The beeswax helps to control and define your beard’s shape. Some manufacturers use yellow beeswax in their products, but we find that the use of yellow beeswax can cause unsightly discolouration to beards, especially grey, white or light-coloured beards. 



We recommend using beard oil in conjunction with beard balm for maximum results. Be sure to apply the beard oil first - allowing 5 minutes for absorption - then apply the balm. The butters in the balm will seal in the beard oil and provide your beard with more moisture, shine and volume.