How to Straighten a Wavy Beard

Some beards have a natural curl, whilst others develop a wave or kink after time. So, how can we remedy this?

If your beard has a natural kink or develops one after a day or two, try wetting it each day and blow drying it. Give the beard a good soak with clean, warm water (on the days that it doesn’t require a shampoo), pat partially dry, and then apply a sea salt spray solution or olive oil spray to the whiskers. Use a hairdryer on a medium setting with a brush (make sure the bristles aren’t too far apart) to blow dry the hair straight. Follow the brush with the hairdryer in a downward fashion until the beard is dry and straight, and then hold the style with a good quality styling balm.

A naturally curly/wavy beard is a little more difficult to straighten. If the technique above doesn’t work then you could try using dedicated beard straighteners. These simply plug into a socket and use heat to straighten a damp beard.