How to Promote Beard Growth

How successfully you can grow a full beard primarily comes down to genetics, your age and your basic health. 

If you are ill or not looking after your body properly, one thing the body will do is stop or slow down the growth of hair and nails. Any additional demands placed on your body, such as fighting infection, will cause the body to cease any low-priority activities such as hair and nail growth. So try to stay as physically and mentally healthy as you can.

Get quality sleep time, keep active and eat a reasonable diet. Reduce stress if possible and, most important, stay hydrated.

There are some vitamins and minerals that can help promote hair and nail growth. A lot of men say taking Biotin as a supplement greatly helps their beard growth. Personally, I just take a multivitamin each day.*

Brush your beard regularly with a quality beard brush. This will remove dead skin cells, help the skin to breathe and promote good blood circulation (remember to brush your beard before washing it).

A good quality beard oil will keep the skin healthy and promote hair growth.  

*Note: This is only my personal opinion. Please seek professional medical advice before taking supplements, any change in diet or undertaking any new physical activity.