How to Choose and Use a Moustache Wax

Moustache waxes come in various strengths (degrees of hold). The length and size of your moustache will determine which type is best for you. Note: for best results don’t use beard oil on the moustache prior to applying wax.

For a standard moustache (one that doesn’t extend beyond the outer edge of the lip) most soft’ish waxes will suit. To apply: simply scoop some wax and soften it between your fingers for a while. Then apply the wax to the moustache with your fingertips starting at the top and working down to the ends. Comb into shape with a dedicated moustache comb (don’t use a brush as the wax will quickly clog the bristles).

It’s a good idea to keep a small tin of moustache wax in your pocket and reapply when necessary and convenient to do so (don’t forget the comb!).

For the longer moustache, choose a hard wax. These waxes can only be successfully applied at home, but if done properly, the hold should last all day. To apply: scrape some wax out of the tin using the back of your thumbnail. Roll the wax into a ball with your fingertips and keep rolling until it softens (it won’t soften that much). Then apply the wax to the moustache as best as you can (I say “as best as you can” because it will still appear clumpy and not well distributed). But, here’s the secret: using a hairdryer on a medium setting, warm the moustache all over. While warming the hairs, comb through the moustache using a dedicated comb, making sure that the wax is evenly distributed. Then pull the moustache into shape with the fingers and allow the wax to cool (If you find using a hairdryer close to your face is a little uncomfortable, try just warming the comb instead).

To achieve a ‘handlebar’ moustache, follow the instructions as above but, when applying the wax, add a bit more to each end of the moustache. During the hairdrying stage, twist the ends of the moustache tight with your fingers and then shape upwards and slightly round. Once you have the desired shape, put the hairdryer onto the cold setting (or wave your hand across your face) and cool the ends quickly. This should keep that nice handlebar shape all day. If you have a special occasion and you want to make sure that your 'hard to achieve' shape stays put, then once the wax has cooled and you are happy with the shape, slip a ‘post-it’ note behind the ends of the moustache and spray a little hairspray onto the hairs.

Side note: If you ever wonder how these guys at beard and moustache competitions achieve such amazing styles, they employ such tactics as using glue sticks, homemade flour and water paste, and lots of hairspray.